I always welcome feedback on my services.

Below are some reviews I’d like to share with you.

Samantha has been counselling our teenage daughter, who after covid and a move to secondary school, has experienced feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. We found Samantha on the BUPA register and she has been an absolute superstar. She has made our daughter feel at ease on her online sessions and is always on time to every session with a smile. My daughter has improved dramatically across her sessions, although still has her ups and downs, and she will continue to see Samantha over the coming months as she goes into Year 8.
We would not hesitate to recommend Samantha. Thank you so much for all of your support to our family!

I’ve finally got to the point in my journey where I am able recognise and understand the growth and understanding that I have learnt from Samantha. It’s been many years since my last session but her input and influence in my life is finally becoming clear to me, her openness and acceptance has made me who I am today, our time together was so beneficial to my life and the recognition and growth of my own awareness of my issues. 

Honestly I could not recommend anyone higher than this lady, she has changed my life 100% for the better and has given me the ability to rationalise and understand why I have felt a certain way for so many years, and I hope that many other people after me will get the support that I got from this professional. Thank you Samantha! 

Hi Samantha, hope you’re well. I just wanted to say I’m very grateful to you. Since I’ve started going within and healing my traumas, I’m always shown a memory of you planting seeds those seeds. It all makes sense now. Thank you 😊

There you are shinning your light, healing the world, one soul at a time,
spreading genuine love that is so hard to find
You made me feel warm when I was so cold
All my problems, that you tried to dissolve, thank you 🙏

I visited Samantha when I started suffering with and insomnia. I didn’t know what to do or why I was experiencing this and searched for someone local who could help.

It was the best thing I ever did… Samantha helped me to understand and deal with the reasons I was having these problems and ways to work through them.

I have to admit I was skeptical at first but after various sessions of talking and practicing the exercises I was taught my life slowly began to turn around. Samantha was so supportive and easy to be around.

She was there for me in my time of need and I am so grateful for her help. She is a part of my life now and I enjoy checking in with her regularly to reflect on how far I’ve come and continue my journey.

Hi Samantha, me and my wife came to you for a few sessions before Christmas. I’m sorry we haven’t been in touch about more sessions but there’s a reason for it. We are now back together, living together and are better now than we have ever been.

Confrontations are dealt with before they escalate to a full blown row, we’re doing things together as a family and have been for some time now.

There’s even talk of us trying for a second baby. We knew we could get back to good ways but this is a million times better than anything I’ve known and we’d just like to thank you for pushing us in the right direction. You’re a credit to your profession and if I hear of anyone that needs guidance your name will be what I recommend! Thanks again

I first Samantha last year as part of my counselling training. At the beginning of this year I sadly lost my Mum very suddenly and Samantha has allowed me to work through my grief and shock in a safe environment.

She has also helped me to make difficult decisions regarding my future without judgement. I find her a very warm, genuine and sincere person and wouldn’t hesitate to refer her too anyone looking for some support to cope with life’s challenges.

I recently visited Sam after months and months of suffering in silence, it was the best thing I could have done as Sam was amazing and has helped me so much I cannot thank her enough.

I gave birth to my little boy on the 3rd may 2012 and had a very traumatic birth. Roughly 3 months later I started getting intrusive thoughts about my baby and other family members who I loved so much.

They were so awful I just didn’t know what to do I thought I was going mad.

They would be worse of a night which then made it hard for me to sleep. I felt I couldn’t tell anyone as was worried my marriage would break up and my baby would be taken away.

After 18 months I woke up one day and thought I can’t carry on like this so I found the courage to tell my husband who was so supportive and made me feel so much better about it all. I then told my mum and sister who was also very supportive I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off me just by talking.

My sister then persuaded me to go and see Sam this was a massive thing for me to open up to a stranger about something I’d kept a secret for so long! So I went and absolutely broke my heart to Sam and got everything out!

She was so lovely and supportive and gave me lots of different exercises to do and 5 months later I am now the person I used to be with no more horrible thoughts , I really can’t thank her enough because if I hadn’t of found Sam I’m not sure how I would of ended up. So if there is anyone reading this who has had a similar experience please do not suffer in silence like I did talk to someone and go see Sam.

I highly recommend Samantha. Her approach is very professional and friendly and she made me feel worthwhile and understood. She made me consider what I was experiencing from a different perspective and my life has been immeasurably improved since.

I would highly recommend Samantha. I first came to Samantha in July 2011 whilst trying to come to terms with a difficult relationship, work at and save it, unfortunately SAMs help could not save the relationship but she saved me! I began seeing Samantha again as a single lady early 2013 though the darkest most difficult time of my life.

I shed tears, let out all that I’d held in whilst in an abusive relationship. Samantha helped me understand that I wasn’t the person who was wrong and led me on the long windy road to recover!

I am very thankful of where Sam has got me to but know that every now and then a little visit to her can help me again when I feel as though I’m slipping back down. I found SAMs soft, caring approach just what was needed at a very difficult time. Yes opening up to a stranger is hard but not as hard as telling your parents what an abusive ex was putting me through! Many thanks Samantha!

The time I spent with Samantha, was an amazing cathartic experience. The safe space that she provided, gave me an opportunity to cry many rivers, and then cry some more. Because I felt really safe, I was able to explore, feel and release some very difficult trauma that had been holding me back for years. I now feel wonderfully free of some really difficult painful memories and emotions. I have been able to connect with my own inner voice and follow my own intuition and heart. I feel so different, empowered and energised. I now feel open and ready to trust and believe in life.

Happy days,

I decided to seek counselling a couple of years ago as I had suffered depression for a few years and I was going through a particularly difficult time. I was a bit apprehensive a first but when I contacted Samantha, she was very approachable and friendly that I decided to give it a go.

Samantha is a very kind and caring lady and always made me feel comfortable during my sessions with her. Samantha has helped me unravel deep rooted issues from my childhood and has given me a better understanding of who I am. I no longer suffer with depression and have learnt how to set boundaries with difficult people in my life and am now stress free!!

I highly recommend anyone who is seeking therapy to contact Samantha as I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done.

Thank you.

Samantha is a life saver!! Literally !
After a long time and struggle in my unhappy marriage it was Samantha who gave me all the tools to work through how I felt, what I needed and how to digest the challenges i faced daily in my marriage. My head was so congested and I didn’t know where to start or in fact if I had the strength.

Thank goodness it all started with S E Listens!

I now understand ‘How to Love my self’ and much more. I have grown into the person I wanted to become and I have never felt happier.
The safe environment created really allowed me to be me. I have gained so much more out of my counselling sessions and now really look forward to the future.

I can not thank you enough!! Thank you for helping me save me.

Happy from the inside out 🙂

Through times of stress and clouded thinking, Sam provides a valuable calm and collective approach which slowly turns your way of thinking and gets you into a better place.

Making you see two sides to every story, Sam’s knowledge, experience & awareness is invaluable in making you understand certain situations and how they have developed. I couldn’t rate Sam highly enough

Without doubt I was at one of the lowest points of my life, Sam gave me the strength to get out of the hole I felt I was in. Sam gave me the chance to become the Dad my children deserved and become the person I deserved to be. After my time with Sam I have found the strength to move on from the a place where I constantly felt mentally beaten and low.
I will never be able to thank Sam enough for what she did for me. x

The future is bright

Thank you Samantha, you helped me get my life back.

I went to Samantha while experiencing difficulties in my relationship, I had been made to believe I was creating problems in my relationship that I fought for daily.

Initially we worked on my own reactions and how I could make the relationship better and for a while it worked. Unfortunately every few months I found myself back in that chair asking for help. I could sense the sessions were starting to change format, it was now training me on how to handle certain traits as opposed to changing my own. I realised after that Samantha could see something I was blind too, I was living with a text book narcissist.

She never once told me to run, just tried to help me deal with it as I still so much wanted to be in this relationship. 18 months of counselling later it happened, I found out about all of his infidelities and was back in the chair looking for help and support on how to deal with it.

With Samantha’s listening, guidance and techniques I was finally able to break from his web and focus on rebuilding my character that he had so nearly destroyed and 5 months on I am happy and free of the difficult life I lead.

He still tries to get to me but I am mastering the art of No Contact and I have found that this is the only way to move forward. I truly believe had I not been seeking help I would be back in that dark world trying to escape.

Once again, Thank you Samantha.”

I first met Samantha some years ago when I was undertaking my own counselling training. She was always supportive and warm to be with. Then my mum died and once again she was there to help me cope with my grief and feelings of loss. She is always non-judgemental and so easy to relate to at my lowest ebb. I would, and have on numerous occasions, recommended her to other people who are looking for a safe environment to explore their deepest emotions. She is a warm and wonderfully supportive counsellor and it is a pleasure to work with her.